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EVA Solar Cell Film
Technical data
Laminating Process
EVA Safety Glass interlay
EVA solar film is fabricated from EVA resin by extrusion with certain kinds of additives. The sinopont EVA solar film has so many good performances, such as fast cure under low temperature, good adhesive ability with glass, solar cell, backsheet and other module components, well cross-linked, stable mechanical properties, high transmittance, good long-term performance, and can meet 25 years of life of solar modules.
(1) Low shrinkage ratio, good encapsulation stability;
(2) Excellent transmittance, ensure high efficiency of PV components;
(3) Excellent aging resistance, low yellowish change;
(4) High gel content, ensure strength and dimension;
(5) Functional design, high adhesive strength with glass, solar cell, backsheets;
(6) Sufficient flexibility, less crack of solar cells during lamination
(7) Less bubble for solar cell encapsulation
Thickness: 0.20~0.80mm;
\Width: 350~2200mm, typical range, 810mm1000mm1100mm
Length: typical range is 100m per roll.
The product shall be stored indoor with the temperature controlled under 30 and relative humidity below 60%. Avoid sunlight. The product shall not be placed near any heating equipment or exposed in a dusty place.
Check the package box of stored product before unfolding. The box shall remain intact.
The product shall be used up in 24 hours after the package is unfolded. Otherwise the rest should be properly sealed with original package or similar package.
Shelf-life is 6 months.

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