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China, the European Union and the United States prior to the opening of negotiations, which could see the end of trade tariffs and regional governments fourteen strong Group.
Recently, the State Council to accelerate the implementation of steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, improve people related policies to further increase innovation efforts of distributed PV…
June 27, Inaugural Conference of China Photovoltaic Industry Association members on behalf of the first session was held in Beijing CPPCC Vice Chairman MA Pei-hua, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Yang Xue Shan and central and local government related departments, industry organizations and Experts, Photovoltaic Industry Association members, media reporters attended the inaugural meeting.
According to an industry veteran, Chinese manufacturers to sell to the EU minimum price panels will remain unchanged.
June 12, against the recent European media about the Chinese PV companies in violation of Central European photovoltaic products price protocol reported that China CCCME issued a statement on behalf of the Chinese PV industry, said China is committed to strict compliance with the price agreement, every single contract content, are in line with price guarantee agreement.
Beijing on June 3, the U.S. Department of Commerce on Chinese exports to the U.S. photovoltaic products antidumping and countervailing duty investigations made preliminary countervailing.
EPIA said Europe as the world's leading photovoltaic power station the day has ended, but the global situation is positive.
Recently, India make final anti-dumping originating in Malaysia, China, China Taiwan and the United States of solar cells. The products involved customs codes for 8541.40.11.
Chinese government, industry associations and a number of manufacturers recently warned that the United States would undermine ongoing trade disputes between the two countries in the solar industry.
May 21, by the China CCCME, China Renewable Energy Society, China Photovoltaic Industry Association, China Association of circular economy Renewable Energy Professional Committee, the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association, Yingli, Trina, Artes, Shanghai New Energy Industry Association hosted the Chinese PV industry opposition to the U.S. second "double reverse" press conference held in Shanghai.