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Despite concerns about the industry and trade disputes, but India still promote ambitious solar goal India's new energy and renewable Energy (MNRE) recently released data showing the installation last year of more than 1GW grid solar energy.
National Energy Board held a work boot Gansu renewable energy power generation and network specific regulatory stagnation in Lanzhou
New York, more than five thousand schools can apply for assistance to install solar arrays, as part of the K Solar Plan. New York town of Rhinebeck Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL) WikiCommons / Ekabhishek
(Solar Trade Organization, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) recently welcomed the draft resolution put forward by the two European Parliament committees to support the EU 2030 renewable energy targets.
Oregon SolarWorld: The company claims that Chinese PV manufacturers are taking advantage of a loophole to circumvent U.S. import tariffs.
The World Bank (World Bank) recently praised the potential of solar energy in India, but warned that if the country wants to achieve their ambitious 20GW by 2022 deployment target, it must make some changes.
Energy Board is expected to end China's PV installed capacity will reach 10GW According to the National Energy Board reported. 1-10 months, the national count of new energy and renewable energy power generation capacity 35.95GW, 2 times for the same period last year, accounting for new generating capacity of 57.1%, accounting for 19.5 percent raise over last year.
In 2012, the domestic photovoltaic industry into depth adjustment. Reporters at the 114th China Import and Export Fair learned that, although the market continues to pick up, but by serious excess capacity as well as international market anti-dumping investigations and other factors, a large number of domestic photovoltaic business is still a loss, many enterprises have ceased or even bankruptcy, the future of PV industry reshuffle will be accelerated.
Currently the number of photovoltaic products exports to Europe dropped significantly. Now that some customers are reluctant to accept the 0.56 euros / watt lowest (two sides reached agreement price, all products can not sell below this price), so some customers had planned photovoltaic power plant projects canceled midway. EU exports gradually decline, heavy.
As the most populous country of China, land resources are extremely scarce. Therefore, the focus of distributed photovoltaic applications should not take up a lot of land resources in the ground-based station, reasonable and applied in the form of the building is a combination of mainly used in the building, including roof, walls…