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Following theNovember 7U.S.producedthe final rulingfindsdumping,subsidizationand beganlevying a "dual" tariffsafterChina's photovoltaic productsexist, local timeon November 8, the EU announced onChinesePV productslaunchedanti-subsidyinvestigations.
Ministry of Finance announced that the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction, the National Energy Board in Golden Sun and solar photovoltaic building demonstration on the basis of the first half of this year, before the end o
Europelaunched the "double reverse" front, China's PV production capacityaccounted for more thanhalf of the world.
U.S. International Trade Commission to make the final ruling on the 7th, identified imports of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and modules from China substantial damage to the U.S. industry, such products would impose anti-dumping and countervailin